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Dr Natasha



Our Farm

Dear Friends!

Five years ago we bought a 28 acre farm in East Anglia in the UK. The land was exploited by industrial arable agriculture for some 100 years before us and was very damaged. From the start we set to work to restore the soil and life on the land, converting it to organic and bio-dynamic. Our cows, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, Guinea fowl, turkeys and bees (and us, humans, too) have all been working hard on turning this farm into a paradise. We planted a large fruit orchard, we dug a pond for our ducks and geese, we created organic gardens and we have planted close to a 1000 trees on this land. Five years have passed very quickly and now we can look at our farm and appreciate the transformation it has gone through. It is a paradise! All our birds roam free all over the 28 acres, happy and obviously feeling safe. Our happy cows, goats and pigs get moved to fresh grass regularly using electric fences. And our top soil is growing! It is black and full of worms and other life forms. We get most of our food from the farm now: meat, milk, eggs, vegetables and fruit - the kind of quality one cannot buy in any shop! And our farm has become an educational platform through an organisation called WWOOF. This organisation brings in young people from all over the world to come and learn about organic farming. Many of them live in cities and have very little exposure to Nature. They leave our farm with important life skills: how to grow organic vegetables and fruit, how to milk cows and goats, how to look after chickens, ducks, geese and bees and how to feed themselves properly. Five years ago we had no experience in farming. But the land, the animals and birds teach you very quickly what they need, and in no uncertain terms! One day I will probably write a book about all the lessons they taught me.