Any use of the letters GAPS on this website are used solely as an acronym for Gut And Psychology Syndrome
Dr Natasha



No-Plant GAPS Diet Course

Good news: we have a new course on No-Plant GAPS Diet. It was designed by Monika Holland, CGC and it is a wonderful guide for how to implement this form of the GAPS Diet.

The No-Plant GAPS Diet is for people with severe health problems who struggle to heal with any other treatment. Autoimmunity, severe allergies, hormonal, neurological, mental illnesses, epilepsy and any other chronic diseases respond to this form of diet beautifully.

Here is a testimony about this new course:

"Hope my story can help someone. I was on gaps for 3 year on stage 2 due to the skin, digestive and autoimmune conditions. I did iodine protocol, I did 11 double flushes, more than one year of coffee enemas. I was struggling mainly with my digestion more and more. More I pushed or supported the body the worse outcome I got. I gained 25 kilos (50 pounds), I was constantly very tired and I was bloated, nauseous, unwell after every single food. I felt like I ate heavy stones, heavy, and it was difficult to breathe. Despite the fact how many enzymes or other supplements I took. My menstruation went much worse and I prayed not to eat anymore in my life. I hated the food from the depth of my soul. Then I met nutritionist Monika Holland. She was very kind and supportive, she explained to me that I pushed too hard and my body needed to restart. She recommended me a no plant gaps and told me I have oxalate issues. This minute my world stopped and I was devastated. Just imagining eating only meat made me nearly puke. Monika was extremely supportive and patient and explained to me what NPG is about. I was so miserable that I finally gave it a try. Directly the other day, without thinking (don’t recommend that). So I stopped using all the supplements and dive into the NPG. I must say it was the best advice ever. Monica calls NPG a very healing journey, i call it the worst detox ever . Nevertheless I can see significant improvements. Despite the fact I am only in stage 4 out of 9 after the 2 months most of the things are better. I already lost 10 kilos (very wanted), i can eat some food without most of the symptoms i had, i love the gaps fast ( i do them weekly, now for 4 days), my body is releasing liver stones on its own. My sleep is not improving yet, but my hate relationship with food is changing, my skin is improving, eczema is going away, my lymph is not so congested, my mood is better, etc. We went through the NPG in detail during our consultation, nevertheless without this amazing course I would really struggle. There are hours and hours and hours of information which helped me significantly. I read all the gaps booked, studied a lot but this gave me so much new stuff. If you are considering the NPG, have a look at this masterclass. It can help you significantly. There are hours and hours of information in the price of 2 consultations. It is really worth the investment. But before you jump in please have a consultation with Monika if this is a journey for you. I was on gaps intro for three years and NPG is giving me a huge detox. Pushing in gaps is taking you back. Don't waste your time, energy, money and don’t suffer unnecessarily. I was persuaded I was not pushing at all. Monika proved me wrong and showed me a very different gentle way and hope there will be only improvements from now. If you read to this point I hope this can help you and show you a smooth way to health." Jana

Monika can be contacted on She has a wealth of experience in how to implement the GAPS Diet to maximum effect and how to do it gently and carefully.