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Dr Natasha



Google and Facebook Censoring Alternative Health Content

Dear Friends!

Some of you may have heard about this! Google, Facebook, YouTube, Chrome Browsers and Vimeo are now deleting alternative health content, because it clashes with their commercial interests. Google and Facebook are pharmaceutical companies now, so they have been creating algorithms to slowly remove all alternative health information from their platforms. So, your freedom of information is disappearing from these mega online platforms, and only the mainstream pharmaceutical information is promoted. Please, read this article:

The alternative health community is thinking of a strategy on what we are going to do to survive and thrive. In the meantime we need to create an awareness campaign because majority of people don't know about this. Please, let everybody know, all of your clients, friends and professional circle. If anyone has ideas or techy knowledge on how to create a strong alternative platform, which Google and the like cannot damage, please let me know.