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A Christmas message

Many people tend to live their lives looking into the past moving backwards through life. If the current system is not working, what can I pull out of the past to replace it? But the world does not work that way. The past is gone forever, never to return. What is coming is going to be new. People try very hard to see some features of the past in their present, saying that 'the past repeats itself!'. But, in reality the future never quite repeats the past.

What do we have today? Everybody is happy to forget the last two years of covid madness, hoping to 'get back to normal'. But the world is changing and most people can feel it. This change is rapid and relentless. Many people are panicking, fearful of what is coming.

The system we had in the last few decades is gone, but those in power are too afraid to even contemplate such a thing. They are in a deep crisis, fighting each other and looking for ways of getting everything back to the way it was. In other words, they are walking into the future backwards. What is behind them, what is dying or already dead? Their system. What kind of system was it? The system based on greed, rampant unfettered greed. It is possible that their time will be called 'the time of Big Greed' by the future historians. As long as they made money, they didn't care how unethical, immoral or destructive their actions were. They have created a legal system, which justified the absence of ethics. As long as something is 'legal', it doesn't matter how many people are hurt or robbed, how much of our planet is damaged or destroyed, how many life forms got extinct, it is 'legal' and 'we are allowed to do it'. As long as it was profitable it was 'good'.

The whole of humanity got trapped in the Big Greed games, willingly or unwillingly playing by their rules. The time of Big Greed had its character, features so embedded in it they were difficult to see. Let's mention some of them.

1. Let's create a consumer society with a throw-away mentality and an endless demand for new things. Let's stop calling people 'people' and call them 'consumers'. Let's produce appliances and technologies which break easily and which are difficult and expensive to fix, so people have to throw them away and buy new ones. If a company made good quality appliances which work for a long time, then there is no more profit. It is far more profitable to make poor quality appliances, washing machines, cars, phones, TVs, computers, building materials, etc. Unethical? Yes, but profitable! Where do all the broken things go? To the land fill, wasting the resources of our planet.

2. Let's create a model of agriculture which makes it easy and cheap for us to produce lots of plant matter (grain, soy, sugar beet, rape seed, corn, etc). We don't care that it destroys the soil and pollutes the whole planet with toxic chemicals, while producing 'food' full of poisonous chemicals and low in useful nutrition. It is profitable! Let's feed the 'consumers' this toxic produce. They get sick from it, but then we can sell them drugs and medical procedures. Unethical? Yes, but profitable.

3. Let's process natural foods and add lots of chemicals to them, making them cheaper to produce. It is far more profitable to sell processed disease-causing 'food' than natural healthy food.

4. Let's convince the whole of humanity that vegetarianism is 'healthy and saves the Planet', because it is cheap and easy to produce plants using industrial agriculture. The more vegans and vegetarians we have the more profit we reap!

5. It is hard and unprofitable for industrial agriculture to produce animal foods (meat, eggs and milk). Animals just refuse to comply with the industrial model, they get sick and they die! So, let's create synthetic meat, milk and eggs instead, they are very profitable. Synthetic meat is already in the shops, synthetic milk and eggs are soon to be. To make sure that people eat these things, let's destroy animal husbandry, so real meat, milk and eggs are not available or too expensive. And don't forget to convince the populace that 'synthetic is better than natural'. Let's also plant a lie into their heads that 'animals cause global warming', so 'by eating synthetic, you are saving the planet!' Lying, lying and more lying is the way of things in The Big Greed Society. Lying is profitable!

6. Let's get everyone into debt by giving them an idea that 'you can buy whatever you want right now, whether you have money or not'. It is profitable to have consumers who are so deep in debt, many of them have no chance of ever re-paying it. How is that profitable? To make profit you have to sell things to someone. If the population has no money to buy, there is nobody to sell to. So, the western world has created a society of people who all got into debt in order to buy, buy and buy. The banks are happy because all these consumers are paying interest on their debt, while the bank is taking money from one person and immediately lending it to another. Debt is one of the best inventions of the Big Greed Society. Debt is profitable!

People who live in debt are not sovereign. They don't feel sure of themselves and are not capable of resisting control or tyranny. A population of consumers in debt is easily oppressed and controlled. I observed a sad scene in a local bank recently: a woman in her eighties was grovelling in front of a young bank clerk to allow her to delay her mortgage payment. Her husband had passed away and she was living alone in a large house, which she and her husband had been paying for all of their lives. Is a population of people in debt living beyond their means in any state to resist tyranny, to stand up for themselves? Not likely! Debt and dignity are not good bed fellows.

What else is highly profitable? Fear! Fear is a business model in the world of Big Greed, fear is highly profitable. How do you sell something to a person who doesn't need or want this thing? Easy: first you scare the person with some non-existent threat and then sell them 'the solution'. One of the most profitable things in this word are vaccinations. They work entirely on fear. Why do people allow needles to be stuck into themselves and their children, injecting them with toxic and questionable ingredients? Because they are afraid of microbes. The human body is a microbial community; there are far more microbes in your body than human cells. This is a scientific fact! If you are afraid of microbes, you are afraid of your own body. Another scientific fact, carefully hidden from 'the consumers', is that unvaccinated children and adults are overall healthier and more intelligent than the vaccinated ones. They are much better protected from microbes and diseases. More than that: they are more capable of standing up for themselves than injected individuals. They can afford to have dignity of a real human being!

Practically every culture in the world has a proverb or a saying with the same meaning: in the English language it is 'you reap what you sow', 'what goes around comes around'. In other words, whatever energy comes out of you, will eventually come back to you and have its full effect on you and your life. Why does every culture in the world have a saying with this meaning? Because it is The Law of The Universe; whether we like it or not, whether we agree or not, this law is at work all the time everywhere. The energy of Big Greed is destructive, it rots and destroys everything to the core. The whole western world has been wallowing in this energy for far too long, gleefully generating it. Then why are we complaining about what is coming to us? We have created it!

Those who observe Nature have no doubt that everything in Nature is made out of energy of Love - Universal Divine Love. What other energy could have created such perfection and harmony? From a hair on a cat, a leaf, a blade of grass, to a flower, a tree or a single scale on a fish - the more we study Nature, the more we are amazed at how sensibly and practically everything is designed, while being so beautiful at the same time. Nature is programmed to restore itself all the time, every moment. No matter how much damage humans inflict on natural things, Nature works and works relentlessly to restore back to normal, to heal and repair. This is how energy of Love works! I have observed it on my organic regenerative farm. When we bought this plot of land ten years ago, it was very damaged by industrial agriculture; there was no soil to plant anything into. Now it is a paradise giving an abundance of high-quality food, a place of beauty and joy. It took only ten years for this transformation to take place! When we assist Nature in its work (instead of fighting it), everything works easily and beautifully.

Ask any human being: what do they want for themselves and their loved ones? The answer is going to be love, good health, kindness, piece, joy, family and community. Then why are we not creating these things and energies for ourselves? Why are we still playing with the Big Greed energy? Why so many are worrying about buying gold and silver instead of creating a loving family and community around themselves? A family and community will support you much better than any gold or silver!

Why are so many still buying 'food' in supermarkets and getting sick from it? Everything on supermarket shelves comes from industrial agriculture, full of toxic chemicals and energy of abuse and suffering. How can it give you good health? In every country there are good farms around producing real food. All we have to do is to find these farms and buy food directly from them.

Why are so many still buying everything pre-cooked instead of cooking their own food at home from fresh ingredients? Processed 'foods', take-aways, eating out are major causes of disease. They will never give you or your family good health.

Why do so many still cut their lawns and plant decorative things in their gardens, instead of growing good quality chemical-free food for themselves? A lawn is a desert, it is an abomination providing no home or food for anything: insects, microbes or any other forms of life. Lawns have been invented by wealthy aristocrats in order to show off to their friends how wealthy they are (that they can waste some of their land on a lawn). An enormous percentage of land on our planet is wasted on lawns today. Are we all wealthy aristocrats? What energy does the lawn carry? The energy of poverty. You are showing off to the world how impoverished your garden is.

The world is changing. Instead of panicking, we need to embrace the end of The Age of Big Greed! Good riddance! Surely, humanity is capable of generating a better energy than that.

We all must stop being obedient 'consumers', incapable of independent thinking, and become HUMAN BEINGS with dignity, human being who take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Do we even know what it means to be a real human being? Where do we start?

Let us start from family.

The Big Greed worked relentlessly to break the family structure in the western world. A society made up of lonely and lost people is profitable: 'shopping therapy' is their favourite occupation. Far too many young people in the west have grown up in broken families, many people are lonely and estranged from their relatives, many harbour bitter feelings towards their family members. Yet your family is a group of people that should always give you support and help when you need them. A family can be made up of individuals who can have very different talents, abilities, attitudes and opinions. We may not agree on many points with our family members, but 'blood is thicker than water' - if we need help, the family is far more likely to provide it. When we need warmth, kindness and loving attention, we should be able to turn to our families. Members of your family are the people who will rejoice with you at your achievements and grieve with you at your losses. We may not connect on the level of the brain, the intelligence, the professional prowess and the shenanigans of the mind. But we always connect on the level of the heart - we feel each other! Our children show us how much they need the family: they are the happiest when they grow up with a large family made out of not only parents and siblings, but also grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and other relatives. Human beings are hard-wired to live in families, in close connection with their blood relatives, in loving remembrance of their ancestors preserving good memories of them. A family should be your circle of love, your circle of safety, protection and joy. Let us resurrect the family structure! Let us create and re-create families, protect them and nurture them!

Christmas is a good time to do all this - it is a family time. So, let us immerse ourselves in our families, drop old disagreements and grievances and forgive everyone. Let us focus on the good sides of every member of the family. Let's be kind to them, let's praise what there is to praise and avoid noticing problematic sides. No-one is perfect in this world, but everyone has something good and beautiful about them. Let us notice that and let them know! Give them warmth, love and appreciation. No matter how different every family member is - he or she is precious in their own way.

Let us have lots of good food! Let us have lots of laughter, silly games, telling stories, cooking together and singing together. Creating and re-creating a good loving family will make the best start for our future - the future of real human beings!

I would like to finish this blog with my song Magic Christmas, written in 2010, and performed beautifully by my good friend Caroline Barringer in 2011. I hope you enjoy listening to it!

Listen to Magic Christmas (Written by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, performed by Caroline Barringer)
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I wish everyone to have a wonderful Family Christmas and a very creative New Year!